Got The Munschies?

When I was home in August, I had the opportunity to head to my old alumnus, The University of Guelph. I didn't spend much time on campus (only enough to take this photo of our Football mascot, the Gryphon.)

That wasn't the only mythical creature I espied for I also got to see a dragon. When I was in the Child Studies course at UofG, we occasionally had a special guest entertain/teach us, Guelphite, Robert Munsch. I recall he adlibbed a story about a giant fart for us.

Anyway, there was a library display featuring my favourite story, The Paperbag Princess. I snapped a few shots of her nemesis, the dragon.

Honest, it only appears as though I'm looking up Elizabeth's paper bag. I would never do that. Here are some other shots from the library.

As an added bonus, there just happened to be a display of Munsch's work at the Guelph Civic Museum which has recently taken over the former Catholic Church.

I bought a copy of The Paper Bag Princess and you can hear Mr. Munsch read the two-minute story in his inimitable style that takes over four minutes.

 Or you can watch an expanded version from an episode of A Bunch of Munsch.

I also bought a copy of Alligator Baby and just read it now while the picture was uploading. Cute story.

 I'm not familiar with this story (though everyone else seems to know it) but here is I Love You Forever in Japanese. I'll have to try and track down a copy over here.

 Finally, a small world story. The son of my friend Iris is dating the daughter of Robert Munsch's next-door neighbour and it is rumoured that she will be the protagonist in his next story!

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