Hike On A Hikone.

I'm slowly working my way through these and 彦根城 Hikone Castle is one of the more picturesque.

My visit to the Castle started with a ten minute wait for a special guest. I had NO idea what everyone was lined up for so I patiently stood by in anticipation. Expecting some Samurai show or something, imagine my extreme joy disappointment when this waltzed out.

Surrounded by the cries of "Kawaii!", my feeling was, "I waited ten minutes for this??"
I thought it was a rabbit but a little research shows that Hikonyan is a white cat. (Click that link for more info...if you dare!)

I ascended the stairs and encountered another cosplaying creature, the name of which I know not.

 Fortunately, I finally got to see the Castle in all its glory.

I took a quick tour of the interior but the lineup was immense and I didn't venture into the inner depths for I had a two hour drive back to my cabin and the sun was soon setting.

The view from the bluff was no bluff. Breathtaking! As these panoramic shots show.

The sakura were just beginning to blossom though the plum trees were still in bloom.

Happily on the way back, I came across a Mandai-clone for some nerdy shopping!

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