Got My Mo-Jo Working.

Castle #2 is 丸岡城 (Maruoka Castle) in, appropriately, Maruoka City in Fukui. I never intended going there, I was searching for a series of bluffs and typically got lost. While trying to get back on track, I stumbled across it. It is also known as 霞ヶ城 (Kasumi-ga-jō or Mist Castle) due to the legend that whenever an enemy approaches the castle, a thick mist appears and hides it. After discovering this castle, I decided to visit several different castles on my journey.

The view from the interior is pretty breathtaking as well.

Before I continued my journey, I bought a cool pair of socks from the gift shop.

Here are a few more shots of scenery before I reached my next destination.

Next stop...Osaka!

I arrived at Osaka Castle at around 9 and snapped a few blurry photos of the exterior. (I spent the next 2 hours seeking a place to stay for the night!)

Next stop...Kyoto.

ps.  = jou = castle, thus Mo-Jo = More Castles. Ha ha.

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