Onigashima, Onegaishimasu.

One of these days, I'd like to check out Megishima, the purported home of the Oni (Ogres) popularized in the story of Momotarou. Most of my kiddies have now given their presentations and I have several paintings of Onigashima for your perusal.

Hmm, I detect a recurring theme here.

I didn't get pics of all the residents of this isle, but here are a handful.


The protagonist of the story includes the hero, Momotarou. A few troupes included a female version, Momochan.

This particular hero was Mushroom-tarou, an odd mix of creepy, cool and cute.

Traditionally, Momotarou's companions are a dog, a monkey and a pheasant. They were all pretty generic so I encouraged the lads and lasses to draw alternative animals. Such as...

One group went with an all bird team of Eagle, Pigeon and Hawk !

I have a few more presentations this week, if I get any good masks, I'll share them here.

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