Pillow Talk.

I finally got around to organizing my vast accumulation of pillows so now I have some room on the couch. That is, if I can get Godzilla and pals to move out of the way.

Some of these cushions have been shown before yet I don't know which ones, so they're all being showcased. Here are some Star Warsian ones.

Lupin III and Nightmare's Jack.

Dragonball, Conan and Gudetama. These were all won via Kuji lucky draws. I have no attachment to them and since they're still in plastic, I'll probably sell them. (Any takers?)

Two Civil War pillows (it's the same pillow, just two different images on the flipside), Captain America, Iron Man and Spidey pillows and some stuffed stuff.

More stuffed stuff.

I'd bought this long mesh tubular thingie ages ago and decided to stuff some stuffed stuff within.

I haven't done so yet though I plan to add these mini stuffed versions of the above Action Toys (they AREN'T stuffed toys, they're Action Toys!)

Three different Spideys.

The main Guardians of the Galaxy.

Iron Man and Hulk and their Lilliputian counterparts.

Mini Thor and Cap. I suspect that they have a much larger clone.

Don't judge me too harshly; I easily won these at UFO Catcher over 15 years ago. I don't have a clue who they are. Any ideas?

Finally, I've added my giant Porg to the mix.

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