I'm a Pint-Sized Hero Too!

I had a great day wandering the streets of Sendai today and I'll elaborate on that someday. For now, I am going to showcase all of my Pint-Sized Heroes I've accumulated (usually at a buck a pop) for the expressed purpose of keeping a record of them so I don't buy any duplicates.

Unbelievably, this is the ONLY double from DC that I've amassed and I have two of them.

I've managed to acquire 14 different heroes and villains. Two-Face gets my vote as favourite.

Not a big fan of these MY MOJI heads. I suppose the Penguin is my fave of the bunch.

On to Spider-Man Homecoming.

I've landed the entire set! Kudos to the Vulture for first-place. Tony Stark comes in second.

Alas, lots of doubles, triples and quadruples. (Just a Peter-shy of a second set though.)

Other Spidey-stuff:

Sheesh, that's quite the menagerie. Unfortunately, the warehouse at which these are sold cheaply was almost sold out of them.

Ooh, Lizard and that Anti-Venom thingy win.

5/12 are doubles...Ouch!

I got a few Guardians goodies. Once again, slim pickings.

Oh dang, these are Series 2? I've never ever seen Series 1.

Angry and grimacing Rocket are tied.

Worst collation ever! More doubles than singles!

A few MOJI follow:

Hey, I just noticed something. These all have the same design and are just painted somewhat differently! What a ripoff!

Grrr! Hulk Smash!

At least only 4/18 were doubles.

I have two pals that'll take several of these doubles off my hands, if anyone else is interested, let me know.

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