You Blockhead!

Last Friday, I just happened to be doing some banking at Aeon Mall in Natori, when I noticed that there was a Snoopy Sports Arena event.


The first thing I found was a Pop-up store selling tons of overpriced Peanuts goods. I did manage to find a few items that suited my fancy. (Clear Files, natch.)

A couple of classics in A-4.

And Snoopy as a ninja in B-5.


Around the corner was a makeshift game room for kiddies but the winner receives some stickers so I dropped my 200¥ and tried my skills. I got two out of three baskets which ain't too bad.

My putting was not that great and managed to get one in the bunker, all the others overshot. There was a game where one jumps rope which powers a rocket to the moon. Since I couldn't skip to save my life, there was a fortunate alternative where you just shake a leather strap up and down. I aced it! Finally came the soccer challenge and unsurprisingly, I managed to only succeed in getting one ball through the 10-point target. Regardless, I still scored my stickers!!

I convinced some passersby to snap a photo of me outside the Pop-up. Who is more かっこいい, Joe Cool or I?

Finally the gals at the Sporting event gladly took my pic amongst my fellow Peanuts.

Unfortunately, the Pop-up is now defunct but keep an eye out, it could pop up in another Aeon in the future.

I was planning on writing this on Sunday but got too caught up in watching The Peanuts Movie. It was only shown here in a dubbed version and titled "I Love スヌーピー" so I never got a chance to see it before.

Nice to see Charlie Brown receive the accolades he deserves. (Oops. Spoiler Alert...)


Bob Johns said...

An awesome pop-up store for sure. I still need to watch the Peanuts movie sadly. But it was just added to Disney+ so I will watch it sooner than later.

Michael Jones said...

I enjoyed it immensely.


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