Can You Tell Me How to Get?

How to get to Pocky Street? Click on the big Pocky in the middle of that link, and it'll take you here, which is downtown Pocky Street. So let's take a walk around the block and see what we can find.

On ENJOY Street, I found a Photos Gallery with dozens of photos of people mugging for the camera, mostly young gals and kids having fun, but surprisingly few consuming Pocky. I can't manage to copy any, so you'll have to peruse them on your own. I saw one pic with 5 teens holding giant Pocky light sabers, so I have provided you with a picture of my personal Pocky light saber which is about a meter long.

We also get the Pocky Board which if you click upon the box of Pocky sticks, you'll get randomly splayed Pocky sticks which you can then move around and make shapes. Sort of a cross between Pick-up Sticks & Etch-a-sketch. Not overly exciting, but maybe there are rules that I can't decipher.

No street is complete without some Japanese-HipHop (JipJop?) boys breakdancing, so thank goodness they provide Street Dance Lesson. I've provided you with a photo of one hep dude busting a move. Below that Lesson is the Dance Study page and I'll be damned if I can tell the difference.

The Pocky Webcam provides you with a quick video of a whole bunch more photos. Not much different from ENJOY Street except now the photos are provided in a slideshow with a poppy J-pop tune.

I'm not exactly sure what this is all about, but it has a heck of a lot of pictures of this cubed guy named Pokitomo (Pocky-tomodachi which stands for Pocky-friend.)

On the CM Street page, there are several commercials you can view, most of them starring 新垣結衣 or 19-year old model, Yui Aragaki. In this Making of CM, she bops around holding a pair of Pocky.

I'll trust you to click around on Event Street on your own. It looks like it gets patrolled fairly regularly, so you should be safe.

You'd better be up on your Japanese lingo, for when you walk down O-Sha-Be-Ri Street, you'll be reading various Blogs in Japanese, including our main gal above, Yui.

To no real shock, on Game Street, you'll find several different games, including Pocky Shuffle which is nothing but a game of 3-card Monte using a Pocky box and a Pokitomo or Pocky Balloon which is a rather challenging dart game.

The reason I visited Pocky Street in the first place is I wanted to see if they had this there: Hello Kitty has teamed up with Green Tea flavoured Pocky to whet your tastebuds.

When you're done snacking, you can then cut the box apart to make your own boardgame!

That's the latest update on Pocky-mania, but we all know you really tune into my blog for the latest update on KitKat. Fortunately for you, today I discovered a new Kinako KitKat which is 黄粉 or Soybean flavoured KitKat that comes in a tiny 2-inch long, 2-wafer sample for 42 yen. It tasted unsurprisingly like chocolate covered soybeans!

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