HyperHobby, the Sequel.

A few days back, we saw Part I of the geeky goodness that is HyperHobby. I'll now wrap it up with a few more up-and-coming goodies:

Hey, look kids! Lots more mini-figure thingies. We have a capybara (cuter than what you see in the link), llama & friends; DragonBall & pals; プリキュア 5 GoGo (Puricura-5-GoGo, sort of Sailormoon meets Pikachu??); the トナカイ (Tonakai=reindeer) from One-Piece; incredibly cute Lupin III figures, ポキットモンスターダイモンド&パールスーパDX (Pocket-monsters Diamond & Pal Super DX) from the new Pikachu movie and some GeGeGe no Kitaro figures.

Here's a close up on those GeGeGe Guys.

I have no idea what these guys represent, but they sure are hideous.

I sure hope that's a mushroom she's sitting on or there is something oh-so-wrong about that model.

These are the dorkiest looking Peanuts characters I've ever seen, and I've seen many!

Even more GeGeGe goodies.

On the left are some mini-bottles enwrapped in a classic Snoopy strip and on the right are mini-Pez dispensers featuring the One-Piece gang.

Above is something called Xeno-Saga; below are the Cyborg 009 gang.

This is the funniest thing ever! ベンキモンスターズ=Benki-monsutas or Monsters in your Toilet! I highly recommend you click on that link and check out the Potty-Freaks for yourself.

A bit more Lupin III on the left and some more HGIF characters on the right.

Ultimate Godzilla Strikes Again!

All kinds of nerdy goodness for the Star Whore in you.

Three elementary school kids who come with their own screaming homunculus and matching-coloured poo!

From our friends at HotToys, presenting clockwise from left, we have Dallas & Kane exploring the Alien's nest and it comes with an acid-melted helmet! Only 19800¥ which is just under 200$! In honour of the Year of the Mouse, we have a whole whack of Disney characters dressed up in traditional Chinese garb, just in time for the Olympics. The larger ones go for almost 250 bucks a piece, but the tinier set of 5 are only 10$ a pop. Sly from Rocky 3 poses for just 16800¥ and then a classic James Dean for 17800¥! I've already ordered mine!

Chucky, Bride of Chucky & Good Guys at incredibly expensive prices!

Up top are these incredibly odd cupie-doll/anime character hybrids. Very cute/very creepy! Below are some Astroboy guitars but at over 150 bucks, you'd better be a Hendrix or a Clapton.

Just a whole whack of monsters to add to your collection.

I don't think Poppa Jones is joining Indy in the next sequel, so his figure may not sell well.

These mashed up Star Wars figures are called チャビー or Chubbies...not exactly how you want to market it in North America!

It's a Sock Monkey Bearbrick which doesn't work well as a finger puppet.

Speaking of Bearbrick, here is a Sweeney Todd version that'll come with the DVD release.

Slightly more bizarre is the Aki Hoshino Kubrick.

I captured this pic off of a tv show photo-shoot. The Kubrick seems to be missing something!?!

Last, yet not least, is this Stormtrooper Chubby figure that came with the magazine! And you thought I just did this for the pretty pictures...

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