The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating.

The latest insurgence by the sweet-tooth army are Brazilian Pudding Pocky and Pudding-flavoured KitKat. I haven't tried the Pocky yet, but the KitKat has a butterscotchy-taste with a tinge of coconut. Quite Yummy.

For some reason, Pudding in Japan is プリン or purin (there is no sound equivalent for the sylabble di in Japanese, so that is probably why.)

Thus Sanrio has named their canine entry, a good natured golden lab, プリン/ Purin> or Pudding-Dog.

Here for you is a picture of PomPom Purin from the hit Hello Kitty Musical and here is a snippett from it (you must be very brave to hit that link...diabetics are warned not to do so.)

If you'd like to join the Sanrio-gang in playing games, you will have to sign up to do so. If you haven't overdosed on all that sweetness, try out the Purin-dance!

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