Happy Hyper Hobby!

One of the comic blogs I read is this ProgressiveRuin guy who writes a monthly biopsy of the Diamond Previews Catalog and considers the wacky contents to be a precursor to the end of the world. I just went through the monthly HyperHobby Catalog and I don't see any Horsemen of the Apocalypse galloping over the horizon, I see a hope for mankind!

First up are some Scene of Fame Ultra-villains. They look pretty awesome and it seems like you can paint them yourself. I hate that do-it-yourself stuff, I don't have time for my geekiness, I need it on demand.

Manoman, I hope I hear about my f/t job soon, because these babies are released in a few weeks. Nasty versions of the Gegege monsters. I can't wait!

Momolita, Momolita men have named you. Creepy dolls that look like they walked out of Lolita.

More dolls, less creepy.

Okay, this might be an apocalyptic sign, Vidal Sassoon Barbie. Can she get any skinnier?

These bunny-eared dolls are pretty eerie, but not quite a 666 sign.

These are a lot cuter than the other dolls featured and I'm amused by the Tweety DAL but it'll cost you over a 140 bucks!

I haven't played any games in ages, so I'm not about to run out and get テュロック but I'd like to see the movie and I dearly loved those Dell Turok comics in the 60's and to a lesser extent, 90's. Look out for Honkers!

Just in time for AVP2 comes a box set.

I didn't see any Cloverfield paraphernalia when I saw the movie on Monday, so I don't even know what this is!

Wow, this catalog even lists Museum displays! I love my dinosaurs but I don't know if I can afford a trip to Tokyo right now. Hmm, unless I get a convenient Job Interview.

I might just check this particular Museum out for its pure cheese factor. Mulder would love this Alien display!

Hey it's another Godzilla collection of DVDs. These are SOOO expensive here, I hope these are a little cheaper.

Oh if these things actually work as ケータイ (cell phones), I really want one. Maybe the red one...

You say you want a Fraulein Revolutech? They come with their own 3-toed bear feet and paws!

I've never been a big fan of the giant transforming robot craze, but it comes in a giant head. A...Giant...Head!

And what collection would be complete without some more colourful beetles? I have a huge bag of these insects and dinosaurs and other assorted animals. Anyone want them?

I see these ほねほねザウルズ (hone-hone saurus = dino-skeletons) in the supermarket all the time and at only a buck & a half, are a pretty good bargain.

Clockwise from left: Chara cubes, seals with their own meal, polka-dotted cars and capybara keychains. All incredibly cute and puke inducing.

More Ultra-Mania.

Even more Ultra Mania.

Multi-coloured kitty-chan as Panda chains. This one could be apocalyptico but are no where near as cute as these baby panda.

I'll end with these Kikkoman cuddlies!

Good night!

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