Ender's Gamey.

Last week, I finally got to see Battle Royale 2 Hunger Games Catching Fire and it was great. Great set up for the sequel, Mockingjay which will be airing soon (except for in Japan of course.)

While there, I picked up an advanced ticket for Ender's Game and saw it on Friday. Nice thing about buying advanced tix is that you get goodies to go along with the entry. In this case, I got an awesome clear-file featuring an Anime-ted Ender and a pin.

As for the movie itself, not bad. I have never read any of the hundreds of Ender books by homophobe Orson Scott Card and don't ever plan to. But I liked the characters and the actors enough to see another movie if a sequel is made.

Mmm. Doraemon popcorn!

I didn't buy any of the expensive goods such as the t-shirt, towel or poster but I did get another clear-file, though not as Anime-ted.

While there I picked up two more advanced tickets. One of them is for The Hobbit, One Smaugy Evening.
This advanced ticket went on sale a year ago December when the first movie came out with the promise of a sticker with the ticket. I never bothered buying one then. On a lark I picked one up and managed to get the last sticker. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement.

The other ticket is for Robobobocop

and the premium that came with it is great. It's a mini-penlight.

Last night at the pub, we tried to emblazon it upon my face to limited success. First try, it was too light.

Next try, it was too dark and I looked more like Al Jolson.

Ah, there, that got it!

This Saturday, Mighty Sore, Dark World Mighty Thor, Dark World finally comes out! I can't wait...

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