These adorable Avengers are so wonderful, they deserve a portmanteau. Adorabengers.
recently received a Spider-Man cup from Family Mart-Taiwan and now I have the entire set of cups!

I have the best friends...

The closest to these that I could find on the net are these dozen characters from the Marvel Kawaii Art Collection. Pretty cool, huh!

I went back to Toys Am Us and picked up a few more Hyper-Avengers. Still on sale, therefore well worth the price. I'm glad I went when I did for I grabbed the very last Hulk and Iron-Man available though there were about two dozen Thors still there. Go figure.

 Iron-Man comes with an extra pair of hands, in Repulsor-firing mode.

At the Supermarket, I came across Series 3 and 4 of the Discs. I would have ignored them except that Series 3 clearly states X-Men on the package and I was intrigued.

So what X-Men characters did I get?

Why, those very famous mutants, Iron-Man and his enemy Blizzard.

The 4th Series at least had a mutie in it, Magneto, and one of my favourite FF villains, Diablo.

I need to track down a list of all these Discs and see if I can find them on the second-hand market, cheaply if possible.

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