Lemmings Laminating Lemons.

Another Groundhog's Day has passed and since I missed last year, I'll add another two questions to my list of rodents' capabilities.

How many lemons can a lemming laminate, if a lemming could laminate lemons?

How many rats can a muskrat musk, if a muskrat could musk rats?

For previous queries, click on Badgers but for those of you too busy to do so, here's the list so far:

"How much ground could a groundhog grind if a groundhog could grind ground?"

"How Much Mud Must a Marmot Muck if a Marmot Must Muck Mud?"

"How many meerkats can a mere cat mate if a mere cat could mate meerkats?"

"How many capes could a capybara bear, if a capybara could bear capes?"

"How many tins could a tanuki tend if a tanuki could tend tins?"

"How many malls could a moled mole maul if a moled mole could maul malls?"

"How many badges could a badger badger if a badger could badger badges?"

Feel free to add your won to the list. Questions should involve rodents or insectivores, following the style of the famous, "How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" or "If a woodchuck could chuck all the wood he could chuck, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?"

As for Setsubun, the Japanese Bean-throwing ceremony held at the same time as Candlemas, we scored some beans at lunch today.

Starting tomorrow, my Grade 6 kids will be practicing and performing "Momotaro, the Peach Boy". I hope to add some photos of their Oni-masks over the next few days.

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