Happy Baltan Day.

Sorry I've been incommunicado of late. Just lazy I guess.
I've spent Valentine's Day with the sniffles and three Robocop movies. Not a bad way to spend it, but it has certainly not ranked very high on my VD list.

Regrettably I was unable to find any Godzilla chocolates. I did though fine a can of choco-wafers featuring Ultraman vs Valentine Baltan. I wasn't sure what I was getting when I picked them up, and apart from the cool looking can, I was pretty much ripped off.

Also in a "looks cool but is ultimately a ripoff" would be these Star Wars VD gifts. The box looks nice, but it contains 9 mini-Rice Krispie cookies, I'm glad I only got the Millennium Falcon and not the Tie-Fighters.

Containing the same cookies are these little bags of SW-VD which come with a little strap. I gave them to each of Alex's kids.

These chocolates are well worth the price. Very tasty and a lot of effort was put into them. I gave them out to a dozen friends at dinner last week.

I was out for a few brew last night and picked up some Kitty cookies to give out to the female patrons, alas, it was naught but a sausage fest with no ladies in sight. I guess I'll have to give them out to my co-workers on Monday.

I hope you out there fare better with your Valentine's Day than I.

I don't know why Darth is so upset. She could be smooching her brother!

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