Robot Monster.

On Monday, I had to teach some Grade One kids about "Shapes" (triangles, circles, squares, etc. NOT skinny, obese, buxom, etc.). Since I had a slight fever and a lack of energy due to a cold, after a rousing game of "draw various shapes on the blackboard while blindfolded", I got lazy and instructed them to draw Robots using the shapes we had learned. They all turned out fairly generic; here are some examples.

When I added "Spiral" to the mix asked the kiddies to draw monsters, that's when their creative juices began to flow.

This last one may have stretched the definition of the shapes he was allotted but this Gorgon is such a masterpiece that I couldn't possibly object. (Clash of the Titans was on TV the night before. I wonder if it was his inspiration.)

ANY of these creations are a superior example of a Robot Monster than this one!

ps. I absolutely hate it that 6/7-year old kids can draw better than me.

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