Huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh aaaaahnr.

Courtesy of the Wookie translator*, this is Happy Valentine's Day in Wookiese. This adorable creature is what I won today at UFO Catcher (in only two tries!!)
*Note: the translator doesn't really work. If you type in the same phrase twice, you get two different examples of random Wookie-speak.

(This photo was part of the display.)

By the way, you can make your own Force Awakens Valentines if you wish. Here are a couple of Wookie examples:

I also finally won one of these. Alas, it took far more than two tries.

Speaking of Star Wars and Valentines, here are several chocolates that were for sale a few weeks ago. Much to my surprise, they were all sold out a few days when I checked back.

They were all pretty pricey so I only bought a few to give to my gal pal who shares a birthday with St. Valentine's demise day.

Neither did I buy any of the Ultraman nor Kamen Rider chocos, though they are pretty cool!

 I did buy a T-Rex and a Protoceratops though.

Thanks to the geniuses at Jurassic Chocolate, you can eat a Dino-choco! (Click that link to order your own.)

I didn't see this but I wish I had. I definitely would have purchased one. I doubt whether I'd have given it away!

May your Valentine's Day be as wonderful as this guy's.
(Click the link below to see what I mean.)

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