Suzie Sushi.

I was at an elaborate dinner last night (Tohoku Electric Friends of Canada latest shindig) and although delicious, the menu* didn't include this.

That is just one tender piece of sushi, ウニの軍艦 (Uni or Sea Urchin) wrapped around 妄想おねえさん. She looks delicious.

You can buy your own set of Mousou-oneesan here. I suspect that I found an old Gacha Capsule machine for there is now a new series of Japanese delicacies available.

Or perhaps fast food is more to your liking.

If you aren't into cannibalistic sushi, perhaps you'd prefer something more feline.

Some people don't like sushi (weirdos) and consume vegetable-parrots instead.

 Or Banana-birds.

Speaking of bananas, once you've eaten them, did you know that they turn into ghosts?!?

By the way, for those who enjoy pictures of real food, here are some pictures from the *menu mentioned at the top of the page.

All the dishes contained Canadian produce. Pork with a honey-mustard dressing.

My favourite was a salmon chowder.

Cod and shrimp in a green sauce (I lost my menu so I can't remember specifics.)

Yuzu sherbet. Sour and yummy.

Chicken and what appears to be asparagus but is some kind of cress.

And for dessert, some phlegmy flanny thing.

Afterwards, I also received some cool chocolates from a friend for Valentines. Russian Skulls!

Flavours include Plane (sic), Raspberry, Orange, Earl Grey, and Danger. Danger was very spicy hot!

Bon appetit!

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