Germinating Gerbils!

Another Groundhog's Day is here! What is Wiarton Willie's prediction? It's his 60th anniversary and the pressure is on for him to make an accurate prediction since he bombed out last year. I'm already sick of winter so I hope he doesn't see his shadow.

When I remember to, I try to make up a new Woodchuck tongue twister on this date. For previous rodent tongue twisters check out that click. A friend shared this picture of hamster bread and it inspired me to do a gerbil TT this year (and no, it does not involve Richard Gere).

How many germs can a gerbil germinate if a gerbil could germinate germs?

While searching for the above photo, I came across this horrible rodent mutation from a different Japanese bakery. Yum!

Tomorrow is Setsubun so the Oni will be oot 'n aboot! Beware!

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