Godzilla, Salaryman.

I was in Morioka over the weekend and made a startling discovery. In addition to destroying cities, Godzilla has another job. He's an apartment-hunter for those very same individuals that he has made homeless! See for yourself.

First, he gets a new lead,

He locates the new spot
 And gets the place ready for the client.

Need further proof? Like a typical Japanese Salaryman, he's too busy to spend time with his family and misses out on important events in his son's life.

Ah well. He has a new movie coming out in July. Maybe that will get him out of his rut.

While I was in Morioka, I popped into the local Geek Outlet, Yorozuya, to sample their wares. (Check out Spidey in the top left corner.)

Most of the Star Wars stuff was out of my price range.

But I did manage to pick up a couple of mini-Kaiju figures.

These are all an inch or two tall and were only a buck a pop.
This guy with the club was more expensive but I have no idea what series it is from. Any ideas from the masses?

I'll keep you posted if I get any more information on how Godzilla is doing at his new job.

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