Age of Aquarium.

Almost a year ago, I ventured to the Umino no Mori Aquarium a few weeks after it had opened. It was crowded, there were lots of kids running around, and adults proclaiming "oishii so" (It looks delicious) when viewing the various fishies. At that time, I bought a season's pass imagining that I'd go there every couple of months. Well my pass expires soon, so I popped in there last week so that I'll get my money's worth and because I had time to kill. It was even more crowded, even more kids running around, yet fewer adults stating their preference for sea food.

The big difference this time is that my camera is superior, though my photography skills may be less so.

 See: still blurry.

Because I went solo, there was no one around for me to make stupid jokes to so I'll do the same now and keep my punning to a minimum.

Some non-fishy denizens.

I managed to show up just about halfway through the Dolphin show. A few good pics taken from the back row.

My favourite Medusozoans, the jellyfish.

A panoramic shot, please tilt your head slightly.

Sea water eels. (anago) Very cute.

He caiman to me. (Okay, I did say the puns would be minimized, not eliminated.)

Commerson gets his own dolphin. Lucky guy.

 By gar...

 Sea Dragons. SO cool!

When an eel lunges out and it bites you on the snout,
That's a moray!

 I found Nemo.

And I found Dory. Now which one is she?

I have ten more days before my pass expires. Perhaps I'll get there in time to see the sea lions perform...

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