Praise Godzilla!

For someone whose been on summer vacation for a week, I'm an awful busy little beaver. So busy that I haven't updated this bloggy thing of mine in a while. Here goes an entry from several days ago featuring the DVD Collector's Box put out by Kodansha (Japan's answer to d'Agostino. Click that link for more details). So I have something cool to use as the thumbnail for this entry, here is a reproduction of one of the original posters that is included in this impressive package.

And another poster.

And its reverse.

And yet another poster*.

This is the box that this DVD is packaged in. Look for it in Bookstores now and it's still only 890 yen. Alas, the price jumps by ten bucks for subsequent editions.

The DVD case and the DVD.

I haven't watched the DVD yet ( I saw the movie just a few weeks ago), but I noticed that it includes the first five episodes of Godzilla Island, a series of 3-minute shorts using Action Figures shown on TV in the late 90s. Only 251 episodes left for me to watch!

So, you get the DVD, bonus episodes, and several posters. That can't be all, can it? Surely, there must be more? Yes, you also get a reproduction of the original movie pamphlet!

It includes a couple of stills from the movie.

But that's not all!! You also get a copy of the original manga that was released to coincide with the movie. Note how Godzilla somewhat resembles a T-Rex.

Here are photos of a few random pages of the interior (make a comment on the blog if you'd like me to send you more photos).

Anything else? I'm glad you asked.

Another juicy extra is a News Release and a flyer for Shin Godzilla!

Finally, it wraps up with yet another poster for King Kong vs. Godzilla, the next movie to be released in the series. At almost 20 bucks, it's a tad pricey yet I've seen it in the stores and it appears to have almost all of the above extras only with a KKvsG theme!

Watch this video and see for yourself all of the goodies you can receive...

A review for Shin-Godzilla is forthcoming.

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