Tanabata Tidbits.

I happened to be downtown today between 9 and 5 for some lessons today and had a three hour window starting at noon. So I decided to battle the crowds and venture into the core of the celebration.

I don't ever recall seeing these cylindrical bulbs in past Tanabata celebrations (click that to see ALL of my previous Tanabata posts) yet they are kind of cool. Undoubtedly, they illuminate at night.

The above was my attempt to take a panoramic view of a cylinder. I like how it turned out.

As soon as I snapped a few pics, it began to rain fairly heavily so I aborted my photographic enterprise and hightailed it to shelter. As you can see, the banners were being put under wraps to protect them from the elements.

I popped into Spinners for a kebab and when a Turk invites you to puff on a hookah pipe, you're wise to accept.

(Honestly, it was only tobacco, orange-flavoured at that.)

Continuing on my trek, I tried my hand at a lucky draw at the Ghibli store. I asked for two kuji at 500 each and ended up with two Third Place Prizes, two Totoro hats!

My timing couldn't have been better for I needed some shelter from the elements.

Banner pics!

 A cute little puppet show.

 A troupe of Hula dancers.

More banners.

So many of these are reruns from previous years. These DjoDjo ones were about the only ones of any interest.

I tried my hand at UFO Catcher and after many (many, many) tries won my booty.

I was now running late so I couldn't take any more photos. One thing missing that would have made this year's event more interesting...alcohol!

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