Big Headed.

On Wednesday noonish, I head to Tokyo with a friend for a little bit of Akiba shopping. My ultimate goal, though, was this!

I couldn't witness the head right away, so here are some tidbits before we got there. We took the recently reopened Joban Highway which was a little slow going until one reaches Iwaki. During a pitstop in Minami-Soma, we encountered a very quaint Rest Area.

Rolling into Tokyo, the majestic Sky Tree.

With relatively little fuss, we made it to our hotel, Remm, across from the Yodabashi in Akihabara. Checked in, dropped the bags, dinner at the Hub, and let the shopping begin! After spending some time (and yen) in the nearby HobbyOff and BookOff, we ended at our local Yodabashi and I first viewed my pal.

Exhaustion forbade us from any more wandering that evening, but I got up fresh eyed and bushy tailed ready for the days adventure.

Some wandering around Akiba ensued while waiting to meet a fellow Godzilla fan, Sean.

Is Batman proposing to Superman here?

Because I had never met Sean, I sent him a selfie so he'd know what I look like (dork).

After reconnecting with Dan the Man,we headed to Shibuya for I'd heard of a Civil War exhibit at Tokyu Department Store. It's a darned big store yet I eventually met up with Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

The merchandise was a tad overpriced (Shock!) though I did buy a face cloth and some waters. (Note all of my purchases will be shown in a future post.)

Surprisingly, I made it through the local BookOff and Mandarake with my pocketbook unscathed. Shibuya wasn't quite done with us though for there was a Yokai display at the Tokyu Hands!

Note: item that I didn't buy but thought about doing so.

Finally, we head to Shinjuku to see the big head!

As usual, one gets lost at Shinjuku Station, so we took longer to get there than we'd thought.
Our first glance of the Big G on the big screen.

 Shin: "Daddy?"
 The Gojira oath.

Sadly, we arrived too late to go out on deck to meet Godzilla in person. So we could only snap a pic through the window.

 One can enjoy two different types of Godzilla cakes (if you show up on time).

I have my doubts that the figures are included.

I snapped a panorama of a bunch of posters.

It didn't turn out very well. So here they are again. (Click to embiggen.)

Back to the head...

Back outside for a few more shots.

See ya later, Gojira...

Please note that if you do go to the Hotel Gracery to see Godzilla and you go at night, you'll be in the heart of Shinjuku's Red Light district and will be accosted by several Nigerian pimps hustling you towards their bar for expensive drinks and "titties", as one so eloquently phrased it.

The next day (Friday) was our last so after dropping 8000 for parking for two days, we drove to Roppongi Hills for the Ghibli Exhibit. Sweet!

Wait, what's that?
Ahhhh! Giant spider!

Phew! Made it to the exhibit. A little pricey and admission is only for the exhibit only, not for the Mori Art Gallery itself. Ah well.

Made it to the Catbus!

Some shots of Tokyo from the Observation Deck.

Back to the Exhibit. Alas no photos of the interior, though not much you haven't seen already. Tons of posters, figures, storyboards, etc.

We could though photograph this Nausicaa area with some windmills and lots of airships!

Somehow we managed to bypass the Shop on the way out. Just as well, I didn't need to buy more stuff.

Who should we happen to meet on the way out? Shin-Godzilla! So we rekindled our love affair.

Some chose to be photographed with Crayon Shinchan. Not me.

 Nice tail!

A quick shot of me with Doraemons (Doraemen?).

 A rose arose.

After that, we went to our final destination, Nakano Broadway for more geeky shopping.
I picked up a case for my iPhone in a similar design to this.

 Alien alien.

Ooh, a little lower in price and these would have been mine.

Finally, this purchase (found in amongst some naughty books) made the entire trip worthwhile!

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