Grad To Meet You!

Yesterday was my last official day of work since I've taken a few days off next week. Here is a roundup of some Sayonara prezzies I've received over the past week.

This was presented to me by one of my Grade 3 Special Ed kids (both artistic and autistic). This lad has his own original language that the other teachers can't decipher but occasionally I can, especially when he's talking about snakes or fish. Not a bad little rendition of myself.

The Grades 5 class all signed the blackboard though I have removed the names for anonymity. 

The 6s moved me into the Music room, had a little presentation, and sang me a tune.

One of the craftier teachers made this for me.

A few weeks prior, she made me this for the Doll's Festival.

Another young teacher gave me some Senbei biscuits as a White Day present. I know she's single and may have a bit of a crush on me. If she weren't less than half my age, I'd reciprocate.

ALL of my Grade Sixers spent the last two weeks preparing and presenting a profile of themselves. At the bottom of the page, I gave them space to write a message and to sign their name. (I gave each kid my version of a cursive signature earlier.) Most of the comments said the same thing though I did get at least one "I love you!" written in English...and it was from a girl for a change. One student later handed me this picture.

My tiniest school (about 6-8 kids per grade) all wrote me a little card. Sadly the brightest of the bunch misspelled Thank You.

I insist that they all refer to me as Mr. Michael instead of Michael-Sensei. (Mr. Jones is too formal for my taste.) I rather like the iteration of Michael-Teacher though.

Another school did manage to bid farewell with this heartfelt message. Kind of cool.

I also like the Galaxy Express 999 kite hanging in the corridor.

Yesterday I finished up at my largest of my schools and apart from signing a few Yearbooks, I didn't get to interact much with the Grade 6 students. Three of the gals gave me this last week. It's a coaster.

This was the dessert for the kiddies yesterday, a graduation jelly.

Not exactly PIE for Pi Day but it was close enough for me.

Since yesterday was also White Day, I gave each of the female teachers a teddy bear sticker.

I have four Grade 5 classes at this school, all with 36 students in each one. So the final Easter lesson was a bit of a handful. Still they enjoyed it and my all time Genkiest class presented me with a well-crafted bouquet of flowers!

Next April is introducing a new curriculum in which grades 3 and 4 are getting weekly lessons. Since there aren't enough hours in the day for me to do it alone, either a new teacher will be added or I'll lose a few of my six schools. I hope not, I luv 'em all!

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