Who's Da Boss?

ボスベイビー Boss Baby doesn't open here for another few weeks and I doubt whether there'll be a showing in English, so I'll just wait until it shows up on TV or perhaps it'll be shown on the plane. I did manage to scam some promotional stickers and I can send a sheet to whomsoever may request them. If there are no takers, I'll give them out to my graduating students.

Here is a Japanese trailer for your enjoyment.

And here's an English trailer for your perusal.

Hard to believe this got nominated for an Oscar!

Another Oscar nominated movie that is released soon is リメンバー・ミー Remember Me which non-Japanese audiences presumably know as Coco.

I have my doubts that it'll be released in English here either, but sometimes some Pixar movies squeak through undubbed.

The above theme song is presumably sung by the same gal who sang the Japanese version of Let It Go. I don't have time to research it further.

Here's a promotional flyer:

Hey, cool! One of the leads is portrayed by my favourite Japanese comedienne, Naomi Watanabe (of Ghostbusters fame).

I have one of her Gatcha-figures.

Another forthcoming Oscar-nominated Animated short feature is one that I know little about. ぼくの名前はズッキーニ. My Life as a Courgette/ Zucchini.

Hmm. That one is in a Swiss movie in French. No way it'll be released subbed in English.

I'll do some research on the other Animated features this weekend. Just in time for the 90th Academy Awards.

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