When I was at the Fukushima Aquamarine the other day, I glanced upon a small gathering around a Kabuki display. I joined the queue and chose my mask. Afterwards a computer rendering of my face was completed.

Afterwards, we shuffled into a room then my image entered Lawnmower Man territory. Here's a video showing my transformation.

Oops, sorry. That is Lawnmower Man. Here's my video.

My very own Jimmy Olsen was on hand to take a few pics.

I was given this paper mask as a souvenir.

Another intriguing yet ultimately unsatisfying display at the Aquarium were several works of kinetic sculpture by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Upon arrival, he was on hand signing copies of his book or kits though I didn't stick around. Here are a few of the sculptures.

Listen to Theo talk about his "Strandbeast" here.

His TED TALK is slightly less entertaining though more educational.

I bought a Gacha-capsule and received this.

My last fishy post was interrupted so I could sleep so here are a few more piscine pics.

 Straw squids.

I consumed a quick lunch and then we went on a Kappa hunt.

I didn't eat the whale.

There was nary a Kappa in sight.

Some interesting items at the gift shop including these fugu snacks with a catchy tune.

These paper-crafts looked cool so I bought them. Only a buck a piece.

I really doubt whether mine will look like these.

Finally, there was quite the tribute to my favourite prehistoric fish, the coelacanth. (Hey Google, get with the program, that's a real word.)

This giant grouper (not groper) is a distant cousin of coelacanth though they didn't have a living example of this creature. Here are some non-living examples.

A robotic coelacanth that didn't move.

And a cool metal sculpture of one.

Nat Geo goes fishing.

We went to a nearby tourist trap hoping to buy something cheap. All I got was some water and a date.

En route home, we came across Rocky and the Golden Gorilla! Now that's a Rocky movie I'd like to see!!

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