The Virgin Sturgeon.

At the Aquamarine Museum yesterday, I regaled my companion with a tame version of the Virgin Sturgeon ditty. Granted, my version was slightly misremembered from about 35 years ago when I last sang it. (Have you ever heard of the virgin sturgeon? The virgin sturgeon's a very fine fish. The virgin sturgeon needs no urging, that's why caviar's a very fine dish.)

Here's a version of the Virgin Sturgeon for your virgin ears.

Unsurprisingly, he had never heard the tune. I have to admit that he was very patient in listening to my unending witticisms throughout the day and to his credit, he added a few to the narrative too.

First on the agenda for the day was a pair of sleepy Fennec Foxes.

We went back three hours later and one was still sleepy (dead?) though the other was a tad livelier.

At the gift shop...

Dan (the man), who tends to take his photos with more patience than I, snapped this one.

You oughtta see the otters!

You really ought to cuz they were tough to spot.

Enough with the mammals (for now), let's move on to some denizens of the deep.

A horseshoe crab.

A hagfish and a bunch of fossils.

 Fake News!

It's a gar, by gar.

A lungfish.

It's tough to see but it's my favourite amphibian, the Oosanshouou or giant salamander though this one wasn't very gigantic.

Back to see a few mammals, Steller sea lions and Larga seals.

I missed out on the really big seal who occasionally let out a roar.

Puffins and a Murre (That's a murre! Dan made a funny.)

Cap'n, there be whales!
(Fake News!)

Anguilla Japonica. Are you feeling eel?

Slightly more tropical...

I'm going out on a reef here.

Can you figure out what they're trying to spell?

I'm going to go to bed and continue the Marine-ating tomorrow.

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