Happy 90th to Mickey!

Today is Mickey Mouse Day and it just happens to be his 90th Birthday/Anniversary! (What a coincidence.)

I knew this day was forthcoming, so I bought some Kirin Lemon Zero.

With each six-pack, you score a towel.

Unfortunately, I only only landed these two before the offer ended.

I'm not sure when I won this Minnie Mouse bag, but I know it was thanks to another freebie with a six-pack.

Right now at 7-11, there's an Ichiban-Kuji draw featuring the 90 Years of Romance between Mickey and Minerva Minnie Mouse. I'm not going to bother trying any longer for the top prizes, I won this cutlery set of the happy couple.

Other items include a bunch of towels and pillows.

And plates, glasses and some Snow Globe-type thingie.

Here you can see 90 different Disney characters celebrate MM's 90th.

And if you're in the market for really expensive posters, check this out.

Happy Birthversary to Mickey! See ya for the centenary in a decade!

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