Poppy and Pocky and Pretz, Oh My!

11/11 is Pocky Day or Pretz Day or Poppy (Remembrance) Day depending on who you ask. For Pocky Day, there was a photo opportunity set up at Sendai Station as I passed by there early in the morning.

Upon return, there were several Pocky boxes on display.

Including some unique monster-sized Pockys (Pockies?).

I bought the Snoopy a while ago and the Almond Crush today. I also gave my Wedding gals some Coconut Pocky but didn't snap a pic.

As a result of my purchase, I won two chances at Pocky-Roulette. I lost the first time though the second time, I won the top prize!

I also scored an inflatable Pocky Bonking stick.

For the Pretz enthusiasts, one can buy Edamame-flavour.

I opted for Gyuton (Beef Tongue). It'll either be incredibly awesome or terribly disappointing.

I wore my Poppy all day in honour of Remembrance Day.

I'll finish off with Leonard Cohen reading "In Flander's Field".

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