Happy Gojira Day!

I've taken a few days off from blogging to fight my post-Halloween head cold but I can't neglect today, for it's Godzilla's 64th birthday! Rather, the anniversary of his premiere in Japan on Nov. 3rd, 1954. While wandering the otaku shops over the last month looking for Halloween treats, I did come across several Godzilla items. Such as 3/4 of these little dioramas from 2000.

Now I need to find this fourth one.

I haven't found a reasonably priced book in ages and at a BookOff, I discovered three for a buck a piece!

 First up, Gojira 2000 (Millennium).

It includes a nifty sticker I may place in my car.

Gojira vs. Megaguiras came out the following year and it includes a nifty poster.

Also I scored Godzilla: Final Wars.

Within is a little Godzilla sun visor to cut out and wear.

It also has a paper model of the aircraft, Gotengo.

Finally I found this Rodan in the grocery store the other day.

As you can see, there are 5 more in the series. I couldn't find the #6 below otherwise I would have purchased all 6. As it is, I'm glad I didn't spend the 500 yen each for I've just been crippled with a huge bill for car repairs.

I never found the right opportunity to add this particular Kemono Friend during the Countdown to Halloween, yet she fits in rather well on today's date.

As you can see, she's based on Shin-Godzilla and to contrast her giant size, she carries a tank and a helicopter and treads on buildings.

Here are some images I've scammed from the interwebs.

I hope they come out with a figure for her!

More Godzilla next week when the 3rd installment of the Anime franchise premieres.

Happy Birthversary Gojira!!

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