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This is a tough day for comics fans, my Facebook page is flooded with tributes to Stan "The Man" Lee. Others have expressed their thoughts of what Stan means to them far better than I could, so I've just sifted through some of my Japanese Comic reprints* searching for Stan's name. Here comes Thor...
(*Some of these pictures may look familiar from when I wrote about Kirby's 100th or Ditko's Departure)

The cover and/or title page from Mighty Thor #s 158-166.


The editor of the Kobunsha books has taken a cue from Stan and added his own Soapbox in which he speaks of the aforementioned Stanley Martin Lieber.

Next up I present Captain America issues 104-109 with Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.



Issue 110 introduces artist Jim Steranko.

When the time comes, I'll show off issues 111-139.

I'm cheating a bit here but I don't have any early X-Men issues that Stan wrote. These animated episodes are the closest I have to some Stan Lee scripts.

Besides, he PRESENTS them, so that accounts for something.

Here is a Japanese version of the theme song. It's Metal as f**k.

Let's listen to this instead.


I've love the stickers that come with the book. Rogue looks great as an anime character.

Finally, I have a little bit of Spider-Man thanks to a reprint.


Most of these characters were created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


Best Rogues Gallery ever!

There's much talk of Stan's cameos in the movies; my personal favourite is when he calls Iron Man, "Tony Stank". I recently learned that his appearance in Avengers 4 has been confirmed with possibly roles in Captain Marvel, the next Spider-Man movie and maybe even the Spidey-animated flick. One can only hope.

Rather than link to all those awesome cameos, here is part of his appearance in Mallrats.

Thanks Stan for helping me learn to read and build my vocabulary. You shall be sorely missed!

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