Bert Can't Be Far Behind.

A chap named Ernie from London opened a bar in Kokubuncho several weeks ago and its "Living Room Style" atmosphere (throw in a little rumpus room) is very relaxing. Come for the cheap drinks, then stay for the free darts and big-screen TV. It's across from the Richfield Hotel and if you have a 二次会 (nijikai post-party party) after your 忘年会 (bonenkai year-end party), drop in here with a dozen or so friends and stay until 5:00am. It's all the rage.

Ernie is the handsome dude with the dreadlocks in the bottom corner of this pic. (That's the right-hand corner...the left-hand corner is a dart board, dummy.)

email: erniesbar@yahoo.com
tel: 022-265-2118

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