Yesterday, I was invited to a mini-festival by my friend Motoko. She was working at this center located in a school on Kimachi Dori. So I took a bus to Kotodae-koen and since it was only 1 subway stop away and I had plenty of time, I hoofed it. After a while, I asked for help at a convenience store and he told me where the "Kimichi-dori shimin center" (木町道市民センター) was. I followed his directions and ended up at a completely different "shimin center" (which I think means "Civic center"). The nice people there gave me a map and I eventually made it to Kimichi.

Motoko and several of her college friends were helping kids make little sculptures out of foliage and a glue gun. I made a little head out of a chestnut and was very impressed (exaggeration.) Much later I went back and made a "Flying Gamera" out of a woodchip, a few acorns and some maple leaves. This creation I was impressed by!

I also listened to a very nice a capella choir who sang some upbeat Christmas Carols and they ended with "Oh Happy Day!" I'm convinced that it is impossible for a Japanese choir to warble tunes without including a number from Whoopi's Sister Act (1 or 2).

I also ate some わたがし (watagashi = cotton candy) which was overly sweet, so I shared it with staff and kids. Perhaps my taste buds have changed over the last many many years, but I do remember liking that webby substance as a kid.

Since Motoko and her gang were going to be there for a few more hours, I decided to hoof it back to Kotodae-Park and save the 240¥ for the subway. I was pointed in the right direction and walked. And walked and walked and walked. The area was beginning to look familiar, so I kept going until I ended up in Saiwai-cho which was the area of Sendai in which I lived 6 years ago as a Tokiwagi teacher. Now that I had my bearings, I realized that I had another hour's walk ahead of me, so I hopped on a bus and headed to my destination (driving right past Kimachi-Dori I must add.) The good news is that I got a lot of exercise and the bus ride was only 180¥ so I saved 60¥!

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