I drove down to Tokyo for the weekend to hook up with a crony from my Nova days -- which was over 13 years ago! I met Anne and her travel companion on Friday night after a 5-hour drive and then went for a hot dog at Domingo's Hot Dog Emporium (or something like that.) Fortunately we are great pals so neither of us were ashamed to eat this huge tasty mess in front of the other. I had an Avocado Dog, she had a Cheese Dog and that attracted a rodent which came over to our table!

The following evening, we hooked up again this time with two of her other friends (Salarian and Asuka) and after a nice meal of Yakitori, we warbled a bit at Karaoke.

I forgot to tape my "Lady is a Tramp", missed half of my "Mack the Knife" and I was duly unimpressed by my "Imagine." I did though manage to have my "Stray Cat Strut" recorded and although I might have done a better job if I were more inebriated, it's not a bad rendition, I must say.

I got up to some mischief on Saturday and Sunday afternoon and I'll tell you all about that later...

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