Projecting Dinosaurs.

I went on a fact-finding mission to time my commute to my schools and since I was in the neighbourhood and had an advanced ticket, I saw The Dinosaur Project. When I bought the ticket, I got this:

A nice little bag that holds A4 size files. I fully expected the movie to be of cheesy Scyfy-Channel quality and thus had very low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised! We only had closeups of two different species, cute dilophosaurus and creepy bat-like reptiles but also some glimpses of a Mokèlé-mbèmbé, an African plesiosaur. These dinos were very well done though the long shots of the dinosaurs in the valley were less appealing. The cast was completely unknown to me and the teen in the movie was less annoying than I'd expected. My biggest disappointment was the demise of the cute blonde early in the movie (Spoiler Alert.) I wish these gals were part of the expedition.

Anyway, go see it on a cheap movie day, it's not worth the price of a full admission. Or wait a few weeks for it to be released on BluRay/DVD, it's already out stateside.

As I was leaving, Wreck-it Ralph Sugar Rush was just starting so I popped in to see that too. (Don't get your shirt in a knot, if it were released in English, I would have dropped the big bucks to see it.) So there was an audience of about a dozen kids with their moms and either they were the best behaved children in Japan or they were bored to tears. I didn't hear a peep out of any of them throughout the flick and maybe they were sleeping. I heard NO laughter or squeals of joy and I'll blame it on a poor translation of the jokes not the animation, which was wonderful. I dozed off at the beginning for a few minutes but soon got caught up in the story. It was easy enough to follow though, I regret missing some of the one-liners.

Over the end credits was a song that I assumed was added exclusively for the Japanese market but it appears to be released worldwide. AKB48 performed Sugar Rush and it's quite catchy.

Of course I couldn't leave empty-handed so I picked up a set of stickers:

I'm sure I'll find a use for them some time.
All in all, not a bad double feature.


Billy Hogan said...

I've never been to Japan, but I saw a documentary on the original Star Wars DVD where studio executive Alan Ladd,Jr., who supported George Lucas through the trials of creating the first Star Wars film, talked about being at the Japanese premiere of Star Wars. After the end of the film, the Japanese audience did not make a sound. Later, he learned that silence was the way the Japanese audience showed their approval and respect for the film, he said.

Michael Jones said...

That's a good point, Billy Hogan. I don't expect laughter to be stifled by moms though.
One other very considerate action by the audience is that 90% of them stick around until the credits are finished and don't sneak out early.


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