It's Ironic!

More like iconic. We here in Japan got the jump on North America enabling us to watch the latest Ironman movie a week before overseas neighbours. Usually we have to wait months to see a Comicbook, SF or Animated movie and by the time it gets here, all has been spoiled. Now I have a chance to spoil this flick for the masses and the ironic* thing is, I don't want to spoil it!

(*not really irony)

I will though offer hints about the contents of the movie. (Note: some of the following statements are untrue, you'll have to figure out for yourself which.)

RD Jr. is the new MacGyver. His dialogue is always amusing and he kicks butt as usual.
There's a kid in the movie who isn't irritating and obnoxious and is actually endearing.
Rhodey changes the name of War Machine. Take a guess to what, I propose Whore Machine.
Pepper Potts is spunky and holds her own quite well.
I wasn't sure how they would work Fin Fan Foom into this movie but they did a magnificent job doing so.
I've never heard of Aldrich Killian before but Guy Pearce is quite nasty in the role.
The Mandarin is not who he seems!
Whiplash returns!
Don't blink or you'll miss Stan Lee's cameo.
Happy Hogan remains happy.
There are a few explosions and scenes of destruction in this movie. I saw it in 2D, not sure if 3D would improve much.
Be sure to sit through the credits. (If I had to, you have to.)

Here is the one true SPOILER ALERT!!

There are some cool goods for sale in the lobby and I partook.

Aaaand for some stupid reason my damn computer is NOT uploading my photos!
I have to get up early so I'm off to bed thus I'll try and upload them tomorrow! So here's a trailer instead...

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