Private Eye In The Distant Sea.

I quite like that title, it is the name of the latest Conan (not Barbarian nor talk-show host, rather Detective) movie that hits theatres on April 20th. I like the concept of Conan though I've never actually read any of the Manga nor seen the Anime or movies. I may soon rectify that. It looks pretty darned cool!

Last week, I popped into a 7-11 and landed this cool towel. (Just in time for Towel Day) and today I won a pillow!

Furthermore, there's a promo going on with this Momo-ten peach-flavoured water that offers some goodies. There are two little figures and four little cell phone cleaners. Good timing, I need to wipe my phone.

Yesterday I went into a Mini-Stop (a conbini that I infrequently frequent) and got the last two of these that came with a coffee.

I can't read ANY of the Japanese so I can't figure out who they are nor what the Anime is. Can anyone help me out? The logo is: "You're not my much", whatever the hell that means!

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