After Ass.

I saw Arnie make his Last Stand against a drug lord (nice to see that Harry Dean Stanton is still around even though his appearance is uncredited. I had really low expectations and was thus enormously entertained. It held my interest throughout and I enjoyed all the tongue in cheek dialogue. Here is a little video I made a while ago that summarizes the movie.

I also watched Killing Them Softly (known here as Jackie Cogan.) I knew absolutely nothing about this movie going into it and I came out of feeling rather empty. One or two good shoot-em-up scenes but vapid dialogue and slow pacing made for a dismal viewing experience. At least it was cheap movie day!

I bought a few advance tickets for forthcoming movies including this adorable Kal-El from Man of Steel. I do believe it'll join my keychain. We don't get to see it until the end of August and Japan is the last country in the world in which it'll be released. Sigh.

After Ass (アフター・アース After Earth sounds like After Ass when pronounced in Japanese.) comes out in mid-June and I got a little bouncy globe as a premium.

 I am NOT impressed by the trailer (it looks more like a cross between PotC Parts 3 and 4 and Wild Wild West) but Depp as Tonto should be fun. Got these two sweet clear files which I'll probably enjoy more than the movie.

Sometimes the Japanese title for a movie is so much better than the American one. End of Whitehouse instead of Olympus has Fallen is so much better!

This looks to be a horror movie in the Ringu vein, yet I would love to get this big punching bag of Minoru!

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