Car Trouble.

As you may have noticed, I've been incommunicado of late. You can blame it on my current head cold (getting better), busy at work (not really), partying like a demon (I went out once) or my prospective paramour (well, we did have one date over the weekend, things are progressing nicely) but I think the main culprit would be Candy Crush. That damn thing is addictive. In the last week, I have conquered up to level 63. I'm presently out of lives so that gives me time to blog.

Tonight  Last night, while eating dinner, I heard a big bang and the building shook. I thought it was yet another earthquake but when I stepped outside, I discovered that a car had rammed into one of the main pillars of my apartment!

I'm finally in the proper blogging mode and my damn computer won't upload my photos! Okay, it finally uploaded, it just ages to do so. Hopefully it'll continue to upload.

When I went out to the car, there was NO driver. The car was still running and no sign of why it decided to smash my Apartment column. Note, if it had goon a few feet to the left, it would have taken out the staircase. If it had gone to the right, it would have taken out MY car!

The driver did show up and I looked around the side and he had been T-boned and forced into my building. Obviously, he disappeared trying to chase down his hit and run nemesis.

The cops finally came and were interviewing the guy as it started getting dark and rainy. I had to interrupt their chat to ask if the driver could put on his hazards seeing as he was jutting out onto the road. The cop never bothered to secure the scene.

The cop had left and the poor guy was standing in the rain taking photos of the damage for his insurance company. I offered him an umbrella which he refused but he did accept the coffee I provided. Once he left, I assessed the damage. It was certainly lucky he hit the one spot that would do the least amount of damage to my building (not even many cracks after the Big Quake, I'm in a pretty sturdy foundation.) All it needs is a big bandage.

Where did I get the coffee and how can I connect this to a blog about cars? Well, I just happen to have 8 cans of coffee sitting around  so I could get this set.

Cool little Ultra-mobiles. As always, the villains are the coolest so I had them facing off against the Ultra-men. To make the battle more contentious, I added some Moomin characters into the melee.

Here are some close-ups.

If I get any more news about the accident or there are any developments in the Moomin/Ultraman war, I'll let you know.

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