After a round of bridge yesterday, I wandered about downtown again, only this time I didn't go UFO catching, I did a bit of imbibing. I discovered something I'd only seen in an ad. Ironman 3 Red Chili Noodles.

In honour of Tony Stark's alcoholism, I gave out cups of these to my favourite bartenders.

First up was the proprietor of Jazz Spot Count. After quaffing two quart bottles of Kirin while playing WELDER WARS on my phone, I presented the barkeep with a cup and he was more stunned than satisfied.

Getting hungry, I wandered over to Dragon Diner for a homemade pizza. Suu-san was suitably impressed with his Ironoodles.

Final stop was over to Ernies Bar featuring the eponymous owner. He underwent an astounding transformation upon reception of his Ironoodles!

Of course a night at Ernies wouldn't be complete without me scoring a few hugs from the gals.

Oh yeah, I also saw the monkey again and this time s/he did some awesome tricks.

Oh and by the way, the Ironoodles aren't bad. Pretty spicy and plentiful.

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