Discus: Discuss.

I have lots to catch up on but I'll just start with today and eventually work backwards. I went to Rifu today with my potential paramour in order to watch her son toss a metal Frisbee in a Sports competition today. Alas, Shun placed 6th but his colleague went on to win the Discus and Javelin. Yay!

While we were waiting for the rest of his meet to complete, we had a lovely(ish) lunch and then went for a hike through a forest.

The park is called Kenmin no Mori (Prefecture forest) and it was pretty cool. The toughest part was manipulating the trail without running shoes.

No, not a zombie, but it was a rather steep incline.

There was a mini-museum at the Ranger's station and within were some cool statues made of twigs, sheaves, pine cones and acorns.

Best of all though was an encounter with Totoro!

We went to a nice bakery afterwards (Birthday 022-395-8660) and I bought a Light Sabre Sausage Roll in honour of the 30th Anniversary of Return of the Jedi!

Speaking of Totoro, my contribution to Towel Day on Saturday was this:

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