Telepathic Turtle Triumphant?

Well, the big news-maker all over the world is of course the World Cup (news to everyone but me who doesn't give two hoots). Hoping to trump Paul the Octopus, Brazil has recruited a 27-year old sea turtle named "Big Head" to be their prognosticating pet.

To show my support for this terrific terrapin, here are some Gamera-camera pics of stuff I have around my desk.

First two giant stuffed Gameras, one fully grown and one newly hatched.

A model of Gamera from GIII (that I can't bring myself to release from its packaging.)

Lastly, I have a half-dozen pages of an incomplete set of Gamera cards from 1995. I wish I could have finished the set but those packs were hard to come by in Toronto.

Without rummaging through boxes or a closet, that's all the Gamera I have on hand but I do have some other turtles available. I suppose with the news of a new TMNT movie hitting the airwaves, I discovered a Gacha-capsule of the Quartet of Mutated  Adolescent Renaissance Ninja Reptiles and for one of the first times, I landed all four by buying only four! That is, NO duplicates! Woohoo.

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