Godzilla Visits Yamagata!

Not sure why but it's been a week since I updated this bloggy thingamajig even though I had lots to talk about. Last Saturday, had to trek out to Yamagata for a wedding and that day just happened to coincide with the Rokkonsai, a Tohoku Festival that is comprised of 6 different city's famous fests.

Much to my surprise, at the Rock-on concert held the same day, my favourite J=poppers, Puffy were scheduled to play along with 5 other groups I'd never heard of. But 4000 yen and they'd only play for 30 minutes! I walked past all the food and goodies booths and approached the station only to be told that it'd be another hour's walk to the concert site. I didn't want to see them that much.

I brought a travelling companion with me, and to my knowledge, this was Godzilla's first time in Yamagata. I don't think it counts that 中島 春雄 (Haruo Nakajima) hails from there and was inside his costume innumerable times.

So he took in the sights, starting off by destroying a block of buildings. (The couple selling these were somewhat taken aback by my photo op, but they didn't object either.)

He sampled a few of the goodies and washed it down with a beer.

When the Japanese Self-Defense Forces heard that Godzilla was in town, they sent out Blue Impulse to confront him. Though they flew circles around him, Godzilla was left unscathed.

So they flew off towards the sun, disappointed that they couldn't destroy the Big G.

That evening, Godzilla subbed for DJ Mokugohan at Ernies and a good time was had by all.

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