Today's Grab-bag!

I had a rather exhausting afternoon of "training" (ie. telling me a bunch of stuff that I already know) so afterwards, Dan the man and I wandered over to Book-Off Bazaar at Sakurano. Panic ensued when it was nowhere to be found on the sixth floor; it has been moved to the 7th floor. Phew.
I poked my way through the stacks of goodies and came across 10 kaiju, some of which I'd never seen before. At a buck a pop, I couldn't go wrong.

I thought this guy might have been Titanosaurus but he just didn't look right. Turns out, it's Astron from Ultraman. Still looks cool though.

This guy I know I have, it was a give-away upon admission to Final Wars. I'll need to compare it to the one I have, for it seems to be a variant.

I am certain I have this Anguirus, but I could never resist the little guy. He has gumption.

I am also fairly certain I own this as well yet this iconic scene from Mothra vs. Godzilla is priceless.

This trio of Godzillas are possibly from '95. I am pretty sure I've never seen them before. Wonderful articulation.

Finally this trio is slightly smaller and have detachable tails. NO idea what era they are from. Anyone know?

I also landed two movie pamphlets but I'll show them off another time.

Oh yeah, thanks to Eagle-eyed Dan the man for espying Carnage among the carnage of cards. These are 1-3 of 9 Carnage inserts from 1995 Fleer Ultra Spider-Man Masterpieces. Very colourful, glossy and signed. (I think he paid a buck for them!)

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