Godzilla Visits Matsushima.

A week ago today, my galpal Hisako and I trekked out to Matsushima for a little fresh air and sightseeing; it is one of the 3 most scenic spots of Japan, don't ya know. I brought Godzilla along and one of the things I like about Hisako is that she allows me to be my typically silly self. Here then are some of the hijinks that Gojira got up to...

Godzilla will be back but for now, here are some lovely pictures of caves, statues, and flowers.

Alas this is the only shot I took of the ocean as the misty day turned into a drizzly day so we hopped in the car and head to Rifu.

Before we did that, we did make a こけだま or moss ball. I chose a Hedera Ivy and an Asparagus which you then wrap in a hunk of moss, squish together and tie off.

 Hey, it's been a week and my kokedama is still alive!

Godzilla joined us for a quick lunch and then we watched Blue Jasmine. I enjoyed it, she was confused by it.

Finally, I got in a bit of trouble just before the movie!!

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