After over two months of waiting, Avengers: Age of Ultron has finally been released here.

While waiting, I had to resort to a couple of Bobbleheads to assuage my desire for Comic-related goods. The Thor is awesome, the Nick Fury is terrific and the War Machine is not at all mediocre.

Based on the entrance to Mandai (The Geek Paradise), you'd expect there would be more Comical goodies.

I did manage to win this excellent Ironman via UFO Catcher and I landed it in about 7 tries.

The theatre itself has been adorned with several congratulatory bouquets for its acquisition of 4D technology! Now if only they could figure out how to add subtitles to its features. Alas, only Dubbed movies are graced with this tech so if I want to see Avengers AoU in 4D, I'll need to watch it in Japanese. I AM curious so I just might do that.

As for the movie itself, I was afraid that most of it would have been spoiled by snippets on the Net over the last several weeks. Well, the Japanese trailer managed to spoil some major plot points all on its own. (I'm looking at you Mrs. Hawkeye!)

Don't watch this unless you've already seen it and if you do watch it, don't blame me for the incredibly crappy song that comes on halfway through. I am SO glad this song was NOT in the movie!

Thank gawd the schmaltzy tune wasn't included and therefore i loved this movie! So much so that I just had to buy some goodies that were sold in the cinema. Such as this set of magnets and a cheesy Hulkbuster medallion.

I also picked up a rubber charm and a set of memo pads.

Today my students gave a presentation and were awarded with a memo sheet. Only 2 or 3 choose the sheet on the left. I'm probably going to run out of memos in the next set of classes.

My favourite goodie has to be this cool Captain Cruiser!

I grabbed a Bakemono popcorn set which came with this choice little pouch. I'll probably go see it next week.

I shared the popcorn with my buddy Snoopy.

The next BIG movie I'll be attending is Antman. I already have an advanced ticket for it...

Too bad I have to wait until September for it...

And until October for FF!

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