Wookie Cookie.

I wanted to wait until I obtained the final sticker before I posted anything and then two Ewoks showed up at once. This Lotte Bikkuriman waffled cookie is laced with chocolate and it has a long history. I've picked up a few over the years but when a pal pointed out that the sticker included is from Episodes IV-VI of Star Wars, well my obsession took over. I initially bought a box but was still one sticker shy of a set!

Here are the sparkly stickers for your approval.

 Cute and tough in one picture.
 I'm not sure why the X-Wing is deserving of #3.
 Yo da Man!
The Obiwan character is loosely inspired by General Makabe RokurĊta, a character from The Hidden Fortress played by Toshiro Mifune. (Scammed from the Wiki Page.
 See, he did shoot first!
Chewy the Cookie Wookie.
These droids would make a great topper for a Gay Wedding Cake.
 Little known fact. Emperor Palpatine provided all the sparkly bits for these stickers.
 He looks a little short for a Stormtrooper.
 For Boba Fettishists.
 Jawa and Jabba!
 My personal favourite, Admiral Ackbar.
The elusive Ewok.
Cool, I just watched Night Hawks with Sly and Billy Dee.
 A Tusken Raider and a Taun Taun. If they do another series, I want a Rancor monster!**
 Adorable. Max Rebo has never looked more platypus-esque.
 Wow, Wedge Antillies warranted his own sticker!
 Wait a sec, Grand is actually part of Moff Tarkin's name?!
 I'm not enamored with the retcon use of Hayden as Anakin but it's still a nice image.
 Death Star Battle! A fitting card to end the series.

Damn, these are cool! Thanks to my need for completion, I am now only 6 short of a second set. If these cookies go on sale, I'll buy up a bunch more and start Ebaying them.

Speaking of Cookies and Wookies, here is a wonderful spoof of Star Wars starring the world's foremost expert in Cookies.

ps. I discovered a Recycle Shop (Freedom Base) near my home and outside are these two iconic characters. Do you recognize them?

That's right, it's Betty Boop and Santa!


Bob Johns said...

those cards are really cool!

Michael Jones said...

I agree, they are very well done. And the cookie is tasty as well.


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