The big news over the weekend was of course that the Americans discovered that Gay Marriage is not the path to Hell, something that Canadians had figured out a decade before. Alas, Japan is still a closeted nation and I don't foresee any changes made on this front for a while. This is why I am astounded that キン肉マン (Kinnikuman) and his colleagues have taken the plunge and come out.

To honour this accomplishment, Sunkus conbini has offered up pairs of wrestlers, sold when you buy a couple of teas. There are 8 pairs in all and I just so happened to collect them all.

The first couple to exit their closet are Kinnikuman and his partner Rikishiman the Wolfman.

Robin Mask and Warsman followed their lead.

Terryman paired up with Geronimo, and they couldn't be happier.


Brocken Jr. hooked up with Ramenman.

Nice to see that  Pentagon and Black Hole have gotten past their rivalry.

Buffaloman has gotten close to sidekick Alexandria Meat or Meat-kun.

Asuraman holds hands (all 6 of them) with his partner (whose name I can't decipher. Help me out here!)

Finally there is Sunshine and The Ninja. Don't they look good together?

I fervently wish that these couples find eternal happiness and that one day they can be legally wed in Japan.

Check out the first episode and sing along to their theme song. It's catchy.

ps. these guys were branded M.U.S.C.L.E. when released in the States and if you'd like to learn more, I recommend you check out Branded in the 80s.

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