I went back to the cinema, not to see Avengers again but because I'd run out of memo sheets to give out to my students for their presentations. Much to my chagrin, they were sold out at Movix but they had something that wasn't available at the other theatre. A cool Ultron cup of pop!

They also had an Ironman car. It makes me wonder whether other Avengers were given a vehicle.

Furthermore, they had a set of Clear files and I do loves me some Clear files. (For proof of that, be sure to hit the label entitled Clear Files at the bottom of this post to see the collection to date.)

So my presenters on Thursday had to make do with some Toy Story stickers. Oh well.

I couldn't disappoint my Friday classes so I trekked out to Aeon Cinema in Natori to see what they had. Crimeny, they had tons of stuff!

Another cup at 50 yen cheaper than Movix so this time I picked up Ironman.

A few more Clear Files and a sticker were also among my purchases.

I wasn't sure what this was but I liked the vintage design, so I got it.

It turns out to be a package of face wipes to remove the excess oil from your face!

As for the elusive memo pads, there were tons of them, so I grabbed the second volume.

The Ultron was the least popular but that's okay, I have a friend with a 5-year old who wants an Ultron birthday cake. I don't know where who'll custom make these.

This set of memos is for me alone. Best use of Ukiyoe art yet!

As for the kids' presentations themselves, here's an example from one of my Grade 5 lads:

I like baseball, Japanese Swords and basketball but I don't like death!

I love the last panel. The murderer escapes, the victim's soul floats to heaven and an ant crawls up from his nest to investigate.

While I was at the Cinema, I watched a 40th Anniversary release of the old Sinbad シンドバッド anime. It was nicely done and the first classic anime I've ever seen on a big screen. Apparently there will be a new Sinbad feature coming in December.

There no Sindbad (Japanese spelling) goods to speak of so I picked up an Anne of Green Gables Clear File from the same studio and era.

Since the above was only an hour long and the timing was right, I watched Juon The Final as well. I didn't realize there were already so many Grudges held. This is the eighth one in a series!
Even though the word Final seems fairly Final, it isn't for at the end of the movie there was a spoiler for yet another sequel. I won't spoil it for you unless you scroll down below these two pictures and a video.

Did you stick around? Here's the poop and it's not even on the Wiki page!
The follow up to this will be Juon vs. Sadako of the Ring series!!!

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